Miracle Bible Training Center (MBTC)

Aje Teaching at Miracle Bible College in Cape Town
Harvester believes in the process of ongoing training of its members, so that each member can function in the Body of Christ, which is the church.

In 1989 Dr. Andre Pelser had a vision of establishing a spirit filled university, where students could be equipped for their life’s work. As a foundation for the university, he felt inspired to establish a biblical patterned lifestyle course centered on the life of Christ, following in His footsteps. Dr. Andre and Nola Pelser founded Miracle Bible Training Center in Cape Town (MBTC) after many years of study, life experience and church planting in more than 30 nations around the world. They felt a need for a university that would fully equip believers for accurate lifestyles in the Kingdom of God. Most bible institutions train people only for the full time ministry, neglecting the other 90% of the church’s workforce. Believing that everyone is called into the ministry, but in different roles and capacities, led the Pelsers to train believers for their specific work of ministry.

Lecturers from almost every scope of ministry and church background have been given the opportunity to impart their lives to the students, laying the foundation for a truly fivefold equipping center. Many students have since planted their own churches or became active in the body of Christ wherever they went.

You can request a prospectus at office@harvesterchurch.net

Many other training programs are also presented on a regular basis. Some are listed below:

Foundation Course

The Harvester Foundation Course is presented free of charge to the community as a window into the Christian Faith. The course also serves as an entry point for new members into Harvester Reformational Church.

Leadership and Ministry Training

Through the monthly worker’s meeting, Harvester members are taught leadership principles covering topics such as Event Management, Human Resources, Budget Planning, Business Management, Fund Raising, Ethics, Marketing and Sales, Media and Presentation Skills.

Children’s Ministry

The kids are taught Bible stories with application in their school life. Coping with peer pressure, Understanding abuse, Making the right type of friends, Learning through crafts all form part of their training.

For more information, contact Apostle Aje Pelseraje@harvesterchurch.net